Today I was introduced to

Today I was introduced to Odd Todd.


Then I realized, It’s funny because it’s true. The job market is tough out there. Holy Crap.

I will soon be belched forth out of my blissful state of panicking about finals into the reality of panicking about finding a job.

I try to panic about one thing at a time. It’s good to have goal.

I also found my first gray hair today.

Which makes me pause and gasp and feel a sort of sinking feeling, like my life is passing me by.

But when I realize how stupid and ordinary it is to worry about being unemployed getting old and ugly is, I decide to throw in the towel.

I mean, Goddamn. If I am going to worry, I’m going to worry about something important. Worrying about large abstract concepts lends me the air of being large and abstract. I’ve always admired abstract people.

Besides, it will take my mind off being unemployed.