Things DO pile up.

Shame on me for not writing. I had a great weekend, playing songs for my church benefit dinner. It was a lot of fun to perform for people.

All those good all love songs. My oh My.

I noticed that some of them are really sad…I wonder why we like to be safely sad about love songs? the Beatles’ “Yesterday” is supposed to be wildly popular. I played it for the diners, and I thought again about how sad it is.

Perhaps we believe we are more noble if our hearts are broken.

If your heart is broken, it is easier. You know the end of the story. But if you HAVE love, and are happy, it’s much more complicated. You have to keep the love. You have to work on it, and deal with problems or doubt.

Or worse. You have to decide when the love is done, but done in a not-beautiful way.

ending, or beginnings, are so satisfying. But middles…They are not so popular.