I think a lot of people do this…I know I do…You get together with your friends, and talk about different movies you have seen…Then you talk about movies you would like to see made. Or which actor or actress would best portray a certain character.

I got in one of these conversations recently. Me and Chris were talking about which actor would best portray the Devil. I don’t remember how it came up. But we tossed out ideas..Keanu? One of the Baldwins? Sean Connery? Who could really do this job well?

I am at a disadvantage. I don’t remember actors names..I just can’t keep up with the celebrity hype. When I see a movie, i think of the people as the characters they portray, and that is that. Some extremely famous people have pierced the void of my ignorance, so just coming up with the name of an actor was an accomplishment for me ( Tom Hanks! no wait…he couldn’t play the devil!).

Thinking of any person from the screen, who seemed evil or potentially evil, I remembered one annoying character from a TV commercial. A vacuous-sounding, California accented young blonde guy from the Dell computers commercials.

It is HE.

Can’t you hear it?

“Dude! You’re going to Hell!”

…i’m still laughing…