16 tons

For my dear friends and family that have been supportive and interested, I figure I should post a little bit about my new job.

This was my first day. Being the first day, I did very little. I watched 4 videos…at least, I was supposed to watch four videos, but I got confused and only ended up watching three. The HR bunny came in and asked if I was done, so we started going through all the things I had to sign. Part way through, she showed me a paper about ergonomics, and said, “This covers the same stuff you saw in the video.”

Video? Whoops…”Oh yeah…Right!” I said. Well, I would have to use my own judgment when it came to ergonomics.

Then I got to meet my new cube, which was all fancy and built in. I have panes of frosted glass at the top of my short cube walls, and my section is full of people that are in my group.

Every single person I met seemed extremely nice. They were friendly and welcoming and seemed like the kind of people I might actually enjoy spending time with.

Of course, I have not met any lawyers yet. From the way they are spoken of, I get the impression that the lawyers are regarded as Olympian gods…. Full of power and wrath, unless they are ignoring you.

We shall see.

In the afternoon, I got to spend time in a class explaining how to use their complicated system of servers and utility software. You must be very careful when dealing with legal documents, you see.

I don’t think I will be dealing with legal documents. I will be dealing with technology.

One major thing that struck me was how laid back the IT people were. They didn’t have the dogged look of the Silicon Valley. Maybe that is an incorrect first impression, since they did talk about having to be there at 6AM, and other major projects that needed to be completed.

It will be interesting to compare the two cultures. Diarmiud (Pronounced Dermott) my co-worker said he had spent a lot of time in San Francisco. Maybe he knows the Silicon Valley pace; he was there working after I had left.

Speaking of leaving, that reminds me of the traffic. Yes, there was a lot of it. No major accidents, but getting to a major freeway from any downtown anywhere is more complicated than getting to a downtown from a freeway.

I took the scenic route through the city. Spirals and backtracks got me to a freeway labeled East.

I seriously doubt that it was east.

Oh the map that I was using, that freeway seemed to be going DOWN. Down is south, right?

Not necessarily.

Suffice it to say, it was a long day, and it ended with a long drive.

But I got more gas before I got home so I won’t have that difficulty in the morning.

Tomorrow is my first Videoconference.

I don’t’ want to be late.