Cher was always associated with my mom. Mom said she liked her style, and I assume that she was talking about the Sonny and Cher show. I don’t remember that show at all.

But a couple years ago, I heard Believe on the radio, and I had to have it. I liked how her voice was digitized. And I really liked the words. A beautiful woman, heart-broken but moving on.

I saw her in concert, too. Wowee! That was a great concert. A real show. Way more about the production than the music. Maybe Cher has always been that way. I don’t know, but I loved it.

I met a guy later who couldn’t STAND her. “She should never had made another album.”

She is unadulterated pop. But what’s wrong with that?

“BABY it’s all or nothing now!”

DisCO. Makes me want to find a mirror ball.