Civilization is one missed lunch away from bedlam

Rank and file workers in America are not doing so well lately. Apparently, the UN cafeteria workers were striking for promised wages.

Those folks over at the UN are supposed to be the world’s best diplomats, right? The ones chosen from all over the world to reasonably work things out fairly and equitably. Force is for savages; we are all civilized here.

Hmm…That works until they have to give up their after-school snacks. With the workers on strike, the cafeterias were closed.

…count the seconds until someone storms the kitchens and the looting begins… Food Fight

“The decision to make the cafeterias into “no pay zones” spread through the 40-acre complex like wildfire. Soon, the hungry patrons came running. “It was chaos, wild, something out of a war scene,” said one Aramark executive who was present. “They took everything, even the silverware,” she said. Another witness from U.N. security said the cafeteria was “stripped bare.” And another told TIME that the cafeteria raid was “unbelievable, crowds of people just taking everything in sight; they stripped the place bare.” And yet another astonished witness said that “chickens, turkeys, souffles, casseroles all went out the door (unpaid).” ”

That is the result of the world’s best experts in diplomacy being left to their own devices.

Be very afraid.