X Men-Everybody has their stuff they have to deal with

Every day has some “stuff” in it. I mean, little thorns and snags of life. Things you would like to change, or wish you didn’t have to deal with.

Sometimes they are not so little. Sometimes they feel, to you, like monumental struggles–rapids on the river of history.

This is why I like the X-Men. Boy, have they got problems. They are gifted, sure. But their gift is a curse.

And even if it were a true gift, they aren’t sure how to deal with it. Because they are each absolutely unique in the universe, an undiscovered and uncharted force in nature’s fabric.

Like me.

And like you.

You and I don’t have the elemental force of weather at our command, like Storm. And it won’t kill people if we touch them, like Rogue. I don’t have claws that rip open my knuckles when I fight.

But I have my gifts. My powers, though not “super” are to be reckoned with.

I finally watched the XMEN movie last night. I love to see how these dramatic super heroes deal with their stuff and the stuff of those around them.

How does Rogue manage to be so sensitive to others, when she cannot ever reach out?

And how does Wolverine manage to be so brave in the face of all the pain he deal with?

How does Jean Grey stand up before congress and stay calm when pleading the cause of herself and her friends?

Theri problems are more exciting than mine, I have to say. But courage is courage. Self-control is self-control. Caring is caring. No matter who you are.

Xmen are so cool!