John Hiatt- Bring the Family

Hiatt is what’s called “alternative country,” a category that pretty much means he sounds like country music but not quite. In my opinion, that means he doesn’t go by the pre-fab hooks and cliched patterns that country music is known and hated for. He actually creates his own sound.

And it’s a good sound. The first song on the album is “Memphis in the meantime,” a great catchy dancey tune that makes me wish I knew how to line dance. I’ll tell you, I’d never really felt that before.

The rest of the songs are intelligent and fun. One other song in particular I really love you may have heard from the love scene n Benny and Joon: “Have a little Faith in Me.”

It’s a great song, and it makes you think you’ve heard it before, as if it were written by one of the greats-BB King or somebody. It’s so heartbreaking. Of course, I’m a sucker for piano songs, I’ll admit.

My boyfriend loves “Lipstick Sunset.” Maybe it’s a guy thing, I’m not so fond of it because it’s about a girl getting left. But the song itself is a good kind of mournful.

Hiatt really loves what he does, and it shows.