_Camping with Henry and Tom_

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and the President of the United states are lost in the woods. No, that’s not the set for a joke. This is what happend in the play “Camping with Henry and Tom” by Mark St. Germain.

And it’s based on an event that actually occurred. President Harding, Edison and Ford were really on a camping trip. The imaginative recreation of that event is pretty funny, and really sharp. No matter what changes, things remain the same.

Businessmen often get the urge to go in and clean up politics. Anybody remember Ross Perot? but politics is not the same as business. People are much more complicated.

The three men in the story are gigantically successful. But St. Germain brings out their human side in the very human circumstance of being lost in the woods. The story shows how people really do have pretty much the same things to deal with, wherever they are.