I got ReLoaded into the Matrix this weekend, too

The philosophy of the Matrix is a half-step short of religion for some people.

I feel that I should be informed on pop-culture religions.

Plus, the cool outfits in the first movie made me want to see what came next.

So, I dragged my unwilling boyfriend down to the theater and we got into it. Since it’s a movie, and you can go see it anytime you want, I’m not gonna tell you the whole plot.

I will give my impressions, however.

The movie was long, but it moved fast. I didn’t feel bored or tired out by the length. So, that’s pretty good.

Some parts seemed like there weren’t enough explanation. It took conscious effort to suspend my disbelief. Not good.

But then, there were all kinds of hints at other unseen things happening. Lots of questions, the kinds of questions that give satisfying subject matter for endless after-viewing discussions.

Where did Zion really come from?
What are the motives of the Oracle?
Who is a program and who is not?
What change occurred in Agent Smith?

All good things, for those who give it importance, to talk over and ponder.

That is the sign of a good movie, for me. Interesting, discussable. I don’t think I’ll join the religion, but I’m waiting for the next one.

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