True West by Sam Shepard

So, the college eddicated brother and the breaking-and-entering brother are thrown together in their mom’s house in Podunk southern california to fight over a screenplay and sibling rivalry.

One of the major things in this play is the question of what kind of story is true-to-life. In a lot of ways, the answer to that question depends on whose life you are talking about.

What is a Western anymore? Is the western dead? Or maybe westerns are not about horse chases and desert living.

Maybe they are more about trying to make it on freeways and in the office. But maybe they still involve horse chases.

It depends on your life. These guys are so funny. I think they are true to somebody’s life. The true west now might be a lot like that.

Or not. Hard to say. But this story was funny.

One thought on “True West by Sam Shepard

  1. This play is more than just comedy. The main insight we should focus on is the internal dilemas of the individual .Tied down to family ,work ,passion ,etc . We look in others the part that we are missing in our selves. The contradictions of what we are and what we want to be are obiouse .Lee wants to be like Austin and vise versa .Its inner conflict that never ends .