More Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

I have gotten more interest in my post about Queer Eye than almost any other post I’ve ever done. This just illustrates that the show kicks butt!

Bravo, Bravo!

First of all, Carson is the star. He is the witty quipper of the show. Love him! And I loved the episode where he tried on the speedos. Oh my! And he says he doesn’t work out! Liar liar pants on fire…

But my second favorite is Ted, the food guy. He does have very good food ideas, and he’s so nice. I mean, he comes up with little digs every once in a while, but he is very careful to try and get food things that are what the straight person likes. I can’t believe he sent to florida to get kosher Foi gras! Is that sweet or what? He’s so earnest and I like his deep voice.

The rest blur a little for me…Except Kyan, the grooming guy. He ATTACKS the bathroom for styling products.

But here are the questions that must be asked:
What happened to the black guy? THere was a black guy, a culture guy, on one or two of the episodes. Did he disappear? I found no mention of him on the website yesterday. Umm…what is going on?

I thought that maybe they were doing a rotating thing, bringing on a “guest Gay guy.” That would be cool, don’t you think? I’d like to see the gay guys flirt with each other a little…You know? Add some chemistry. Right now, they are mostly teasing the straight guy. That’s funny too, but the more the merrier! I could totally see having a guest gay guy working out.

Take a clue, bravo!

I will say, I am thinking more about my own home now. What would Kyan think of my bathroom? I know Carson would not approve of the things in my closet right now. I need to go shopping.

And I need to redecorate.