Hooray! I’m a homeowner!

So, I got the keys to my new place on thursday. What a big thing huh?

It had been an exciting week. This was the week my boss hit the panic button, which means that he took me into his office for the last hour of every day to rip into me. Thursday was the worst day. He took special aim and let loose with a scattershot volley of conflicting and irrational statements about my abilities, my intelligence and my unwillingness to do work.

Just run-of-the-mill stuff for offices in tall buildings. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to me. I spent thursday evening in tears. ALL thursday evening and part of early friday in tears.

BUT! I got my homeowner keys on thursday. And I had it all planned out: I would grab the keys and rent a Rug Doctor, and get to work on those “as-is” carpets I’d just bought.

My honey-sweet boyfriend met me at the building. He took a photo of my bleary self opening the door with my own keys for the first time. Isn’t that wonderful? Then he gave me a long extended hug as I wailed.

But I had cleaning to do! The doctor is IN.

I filled up the big red machine with soap juice and water. Chris (did I mention how sweet he is?) ran out to get some food for dinner. Me and the Doctor were going into consultation.

Fire that puppy up. Here we go. Pull and squirt, Push and suck.

Stupid Boss! How dare he talk to me that way.


I don’t know what he expects from me, he wants perfection but in the next breath he admits that it’s not possible.


What am I going to do? I don’t have the time or the resources to stop the failures from happening, but his solution is just to give me more work!




Man, I feel totally hopeless. I’m the one that has to face the users and be on the front lines when conferences fail. I am the one who is bringing attention to the problem in the hope that it can be fixed. But I’m not getting any help, I’m only getting blamed.


My back hurts.

I finished most of the rug, I had blisters and a sore back, and very red eyes.

My darling man brought me a yummy McDonald’s salad, so I ate a little dinner, even though my stomach was still upset.

I had to come back the next day to finish that last little bit. Friday. I wanted to stay there that night, but I had no energy.

And i needed energy, because MOVING DAY was approaching.