Homey thoughts

So, I spent time unpacking all my things yesterday. As I was getting things put away, a “click” sounded, and everything went quiet.

And dark.

The power went out. It was about 6:30. uh oh. It was still light enough to see. I thought I remembered a little flashlight in one of my boxes. Oh good, here it is! While I was there, I unpacked some more of that box.

I remembered a candle too. But I didn’t remember where the matches where. I wondered for a little bit whether my car would be locked in the garage if the opener didn’t have power. Hmm…

But then I thought I had better put together my bed before it got dark. I didn’t want to sleep on the floor. I put the bed together…Where is that dust ruffle? Oh well, I’ll find it later. It was nice to lay down on the bed for a moment.

Chris came by later with his dinner. By that time the power was back on. He and I worked to get my home stereo/theater system set up. We used my old shoe rack, a piece that is essentially narrow shelving made of nice red wood. It matches the rest of my furniture, so why waste it in the closet? That garage sale I bought it from has been good.

We racked everything on the shoe rack. Then came wiring. Bless Chris’s heart! He sat down on the couch and said, “I’m glad my girlfriend is a video conferencing expert. You know what to do.”

How many guys would step aside and let their girlfriends wire the stereo? Wiring this stuff is my JOB, but still, most guys would shove me out of the way. He is very secure, thank heavens.

When I was almost done, he pointed to the window. “Look!” he said. A beautiful flaming pink sunset was all across the sky.

That was MY view.

Chris and I sat on my couch for a moment and looked at the beautiful sky. It faded quickly, I was glad we stopped to see it.