The names

Don Delillo wrote this book about a murderous cult in the middle east. I read it on accident, because I thought it was the one my book club was reading.

Turns out we are reading White Noise. I’ll tell you about that one when I’m done with it.

But The Names was depressing. Man! a story where a man living in the middle east, where he thinks all the time about their political situation, who finds other things to be MORE depressed about.

I guess murder is pretty depressing.

Mainly, I was depressed because he seemed to have such a tough time showing love to his wife. Sad Sad. I like to see love enjoyed. But the main guy didn’t know how to enjoy his love at all. He seemed stuck.

Delillo had a lot a lot of internal thoughts about words and meaning. It was interesting, but still had a hopeless theme.

I think it was worth reading. It made me want to finish, for sure. But I was sad the whole time I read it. It made me sigh a lot.