Kings in the Corner

Games are fun. I like to play games. And let me say again, I like to PLAY games.

Some people take games very seriously. I know a great number of people (why are they always men? I know no women into these…Speak up if you know of any) who play these crazy complicated games. Games that make RISK look like “Go Fish.” Avalon Hill games, I call them. Avalon Hill no longer exists, it was bought out by someone or other.

But the games go on. Complicated moves that can take a WEEK. Forget it. I want to play a game.

On a search for a pack of UNO cards, I ran a across Kings in the Corner. Bought it too.

It was fun! I liked playing it. Chris and I played a couple games while we were watching TV. The perfect kind of laid-back game playing. I suppose we could have paid more attention to the strategy if we’d wanted to. But we didn’t have to.

It would work well for kids too. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Kings in the Corner

  1. If this is free, I am interested in knowing
    how to play King’s in the Corner.
    Why do you put the King’s to the side,and when
    do you play them?

  2. How do you play Kings in the Corner with six people? total number of cards and number of cards dealt