Romantic Chick Flicks

My honey has been away on a business trip this weekend. Which makes me miss him. Which makes me feel sort of mushy.

There are all kinds of excellent mushy movies on tv this weekend.

The first one I watched was called Beautiful Girl on ABC family channel. It was so formula, but I loved it! The story was about a fat, short girl who joins a beauty contest so that she can get the trip to hawaii for her honeymoon.

And her fiancee was so supportive, and there was all the discussion of beng yourself and what true beauty was. Of course, the old cheerleader from her high school that was mean to her but saw the light at the end.

I loved it.

And then there was Sabrina, I foget which channel, but it was the one with Harrison Ford. Oh, it made me cry! What a great fabulous movie. I have to see the original one now.

And I just finished watching One Fine Day, which was also sweet.

I loved all the women in these stories. I felt like they were people like me. And the men! They can be such bastards when they’re bad, but OH! they can be so good. When they’re good, they’re very very good. I love men.

Mmm…And these shows made me feel all mushy and romantic. I guess that’s what movies can do for you.