day two AWOL

So, there’s this new guy. He was hired a couple weeks ago and seems nice enough.

But he didn’t come in last friday. And he didn’t call to say why. And he’s not here today either and he hasn’t called.

Here’s a situation. What should we do?

It happens the boss was out last friday. He’s in today, and I’m the one that called attention to the absence. Boss knew nothing about it.

He starts asking everyone if they had heard anything.

Here’s the funny bit: The guys all start backpedalling and trying to cover for the new guy…”Oh he said he might not come in on friday”

funny. So the boss calls the home number.
“Oh, this is not really where he lives, I will try to find out a better number for you.”

wow. This is new.

Now, I hope nothing is wrong. I suspect nothing is wrong.

But if nothing indeed is wrong, then what’s up with all this helping the guy cover up?

My upbringing was NEVER lie, NEVER try to get away with anything, and NEVER help anyone who was doing the above.

Good little Christian school children are taught that if they do anything, even the SMALLEST thing wrong they are sinning and deserve to go to hell, in fact they WILL go to hell if they don’t repent and have Jesus in their heart.

And if you cover up for your friend, you are not being a true friend because you are just helping them GO TO HELL!

So pretty much, there was a mad dash to tell on anyone that did anything wrong.

This is yet another example of how Christian schools do not prepare you for the real world.

In this real world that I now inhabit, it seems that there is an unspoken understanding that you cover for the guy. I didn’t know that you could get people to cover for you under these kinds of circumstances. This means that I can be a lot more cavalier about my duties, should I ever decide to be cavalier.

But I wonder why people cover for other people? is it in the hope that they will in turn be covered?

I guess. You never know when you will screw up or slack off somehow and need people to help you out. I screw unintentionally sometimes, no way around it. But to intentionally screw up. Wow.

I have never trusted people to help me out. I always assumed there would be the mad dash to tell on me.

That’s what I was raised with.