The real home made microwave popcorn recipe.

Awhile back, I did some postings about homemade popcorn. I posted them because I often post about any random thing that catches my interest.

Maybe you readers didn’t know, I have ways of telling how the traffic on my website gets here. There is a detailed report, most of which is boring. But the report also tracks what kind of search strins people use to find my site.

And consistently, people come here looking for how to make homemade microwave popcorn. I get a lot of hits for that.

My last entry on the matter was not quite accurate, so I wanted to set the record straight.

To Make your OWN microwave popcorn you need:

brown lunchbag
popcorn kernels (whatver cheap kind your local store sells)
stapler with staples

1. Open the bag
2. Cover the bottom of the bag with popcorn. Some kernels may rest on top of each other, just make sure that the entire bottom is covered with corn
3. Fold over the top of the bag and staple it. Yes, the staple is metal, but it won’t spark.
4. Place in the microwave on its side
5. Cook for however long your microwave takes to cook pre-bagged popcorn.

NOW! I have used this method on two different microwaves. One was pathetic and had very little power. The corn in that case took 3 and a half minutes to pop, and was very DRY and stale tasting by the time it came out.

My new microwave is more peppy, it’s 1000W. It takes one minute and 45 seconds to pop a full bag. The corn is much fresher tasting, probably because the water is still mostly there. The corn itself sometimes leaves moist marks on the bag, from whatever water content the kernels have in them.

For myself, I like butter on the popcorn. So i microwave a little butter and pour it on. When I’m trying to eat light, which is most of the time, I cook a little Brummel&Brown in the ‘wave and add some water. THe water gives it more pour power, letting the butter flavor cover more of the corn.

The “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray is really good too.

You can re-use the bag too, if you feel especially frugal. As i’m typing right now, it occurs to me that a plastic paper clip might do the trick just as easily as a staple. That would really prolong the life of the bag, and eliminate the need for a new staple every time. Perhaps I will try this and let you all know.

But that’s the skinny! It really does work, I’ve done it consistely for about a year now. It’s much cheaper and far eco-friendlier than using all that packaging. Plus, if you are watching calories or sodium, you can be in charge of what goes on the popcorn. I’ve seen the low-sodium microwave popcorn for sale, it is even MORE expensive.

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