6.5 they said

SO I just experienced an earthquake in a skyscraper.

It was very weird. I was just sitting there, eating my christmas cookies, and I started feeling very dizzy. I thought, “Have I eaten so much sugar that I am dizzy?”

It went on for a long time, and as I was trying to figure out what was happening, the exclamations of my co-workers peirced my consciousness. “You didn’t feel that?”

It dawned on me that that’s what people say when there is an earthquake. Why were they talking about earthquakes. OH my GoD! I was feeling an earthquake!

It felt like the whole building was wobbling. OH man. I didn’t like the idea of being on the 10th floor of a 26th story building that was wobbling.

And it kept wobbling. At this point a lot of people were jumping up and decided what to do. I jumped over to my friend’s cube.

“It felt just like vertigo!”

I said, “I don’t like this. This is very scary.”

“It’s worse at home, trust me.”

I thought, What is she talking about? Home would be way better than this! I am in the middle of a wobbling building!

“I’ve never been scared by an earthquake before” I told her.

It did pass, thank god, and we all rushed to find out how big it was.

6.5, they said.