Lessons for a new homeowner

So I’ve been in my new condo for a while. I seem to be getting a some pressure from a few sources to do some decorating. I really have a lot of ideas, but it has been hard to take the first step.

Yesterday, I had some free time and I decided to bite the bullet and finally paint the wall.

I had thought long and hard, and determined on a very nice color, “Dusty Apricot” as the perfect shade to bring all the elements together. I had gone down to Home Depot and asked them to mix up a small bucket, just a quart, so that I could try it out and see. I asked the guy if I could come back and get another can and whether it would be exactly the same color. He said, yes yes, exactly the same color. “THe formula is right there on the label. It’s no problem to mix you another can.”

They mixed it, and as is apparently their custom, placed a little dab of it on the lid just to demonstrate the color.

It was not the color on the little swatch card. No. It was not apricot at all. It just looked tan.

I had heard that the colors never quite come out the way you see them on the swatch. But in my disappointment, I did not actually apply the paint for a long time.

But yesterday, I felt inspired. I had part of the day off, and I went to work. I got a little brush, I prepped the wall and I PAINTED. It wasn’t too hard, but it was very satisfying. The WHITE walls look horrid now, not at all attractive. I was so pleased with the paint, I painted with a will. There was an AC duct along the wall, I painted that. Then I got down on the flat expanse of the wall, and I ran out of paint. Whoops.

I stopped and looked at the color. No, it wasn’t as apricot as I liked, but it was a very pretty cafe au lait sort of color. I really liked it. Mmm. But the wall was only halfway done. I went to the store to get another can. THis time I would get a gallon. so I could do the whole room.

Back with the gallon of paint, ready to go. Opened up the can, and oh my goodness. This was where all the apricot that wasn’t in the first can went to. This can of paint was practically the color of a terra cotta pot. Wow. Orange and more orange. There was no way this was going to “blend” in with the first color.

I painted the rest of the wall anyway. It is distinctly two colors. I will put some tape up tomorrow and create a vertical line between the two, that way it will be a straight divide at least.


Lesson learned:
No, you cannot just run out and get another can of paint.

Also, that paint and color are lovely things. I like them very much and am yet more inspired to continue this painting thing.

The little bit of ceiling that I had scraped free of the popcorn painted very nicely too. I will also be doing the rest of the ceiling. No, it’s not perfect and smooth, but it still looks a bazillion times better than the nasty popcorn.

Live and learn.