Feeling good!

Hey, it’s good to feel good.

I’ve been sick, as my incomplete previous blog entry told. But it’s been taking a long time to get better. But this weekend I feel like I turned a corner.

I had labrynthitis. Cool sounding disease, huh?

Meant that I had to re-learn my sense of balance. That, in combination with the general malaise of recovering from a serious illness, made me very weak and SLOW.

But I’m able to move around now. I feel really good! My optimism is getting a little higher and higher.

All during my recovery, I didn’t feel like writing. Well, actually, I did feel like writing, but I thought I really needed to concentrate on RESTING. Sleeping, napping, etc. So I gave up doing a lot of things I would normally do in order to SLEEP.

Chris, who rescued me, told me I needed to rest. I felt I owed it to him, since I feel like he practically saved my life, to listen. I don’t always listen.

But I have been listening, and it seems to be paying off. I am looking forward to being my usual ENERGETIC self. Soon. But I can’t push it yet.