Different directions for contempt

So today I had to help a bigwig with a webconference.

I like webconferences. I wish we used them more. I was happy to help this guy.

But earlier this week, I was having meetings with some managers that were supposed to assist me with my conferences, with the set up. Their staff was being assigned to do what I’ve been doing.

I explained to them how the program is currently set up. I told them how the different people set things up for the conference participants. One of the managers said,
“It sounds like we aren’t placing very many demands on the participants”

Yes, well…That’s a problem. I would like them to learn to do it, but I don’t believe they will retain the knowledge. ANd I want them to use the stuff. So maybe we just do it all for them, since they are blithering idiots, not able to find a power switch, let alone handle the more complicated aspects of the equipment.

We in the Info Tech department have a low opinion of the abilities of the end users.

Another of the reasons we have a low opinion of the end users is because they have a low opinion of us. It is held in varying degrees, but at times it is flagrantly evident that they consider us blithering imbeciles.

We are not allowed to be as evidently scornful of our “superiors.” But here on the lower floors, we often wonder what exactly they learned in the 8 years of college to enable them to hear the same explanations of how to UNLOCK a docking station before removing a laptop 10 times and still not retain it.

However, they did go to school. Theoretically, the attorneys we have here are the cream of the crop.

Back to the webconference. I was helping this attorney learn how to use webex. He completely and easily grasped it. He explored it, just the same way I would. He was not a blithering idiot!

It was strange.

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