February rode in on an ambulance

I’ve been sick all week. Actually, I’ve been sick even last week.

I was feeling woozy, and extra tired. The bus ride made me especially ill, and then it seemed to last all day. Friday, I was feeling motion sick all day long. By the time I was ready to go home, I began to think, “something is not right. There is something wrong going on.”

I almost asked Chris to pick my up from work. But I hate to do that. Then i almost took a cab home.

Then I thought, “Maybe I’m jsut really hungry.”

So I ate something, and that made me feel better enough to take the bus home.

But saturday, I was supposed to go to Palm Springs. I just didn’t feel up to it. I felt like lying around and resting.

Sunday, I took myself to the doctor and got a prescription for antibiotics to cure a supposed sinus infection that was messing with my sense of equilibrium, and hence making me feel woozy, motion sick, all the time. I called in sick for Monday.

But Monday, I dreamed that I had collapsed at the bus stop. I woke, and had to throw up. But while crawling to the toilet, I realized that I had no sense of balance whatsoever and that i was completely sick. The world would NOT stop spinning., The walls reached out and smacked me when I tried to move, because i didn’t know how to stay upright, even while crawling.

The sweat poured off me as I retched into the toilet. I had to do something. This was bad. I needed help. But I couldn’t move! How would I get help?

I concentrated as hard as I knew how on believing that te world was not spinning. I closed my eyes and breathed very hard, pressing my head against something solid and immobile. “You are STILL, STILL, you are STILL”

Finally, I could gather my thoughts enough…i needed to get someone to help me. But I couldnn’t move at all without vomiting…

I made my plan. I would launch myself back to my bed, where my cordless phone was, and on the way I would grab the trash can to barf into. I would either call Chris or 911.

But I really wanted Chris. I would call Chris. He would help me.

I made it, with my eyes shut to keep the room from spinning. After throwing up for a while, I contemplated how to dial the phone with my eyes shut. I didn’t figure out a way, So I had to open them for a few moments.

I got Chris’s answering machine, like I knew I would. “Chris! Chris! Help! I need you help!”

He picked up right away. “Murphy!”

“Chris! I need you! Come help me!”

“I’ll be right there!”


and then I sat there, dripping sweat and vomiting some more. But I was thinking. I had put the chain lock in place. Would chris be able to get in without my help? Is there a way to unlock a chain from the outside?

I decided that i had to go unlock it.

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