Feeling good!

Hey, it’s good to feel good.

I’ve been sick, as my incomplete previous blog entry told. But it’s been taking a long time to get better. But this weekend I feel like I turned a corner.

I had labrynthitis. Cool sounding disease, huh?

Meant that I had to re-learn my sense of balance. That, in combination with the general malaise of recovering from a serious illness, made me very weak and SLOW.

But I’m able to move around now. I feel really good! My optimism is getting a little higher and higher.

All during my recovery, I didn’t feel like writing. Well, actually, I did feel like writing, but I thought I really needed to concentrate on RESTING. Sleeping, napping, etc. So I gave up doing a lot of things I would normally do in order to SLEEP.

Chris, who rescued me, told me I needed to rest. I felt I owed it to him, since I feel like he practically saved my life, to listen. I don’t always listen.

But I have been listening, and it seems to be paying off. I am looking forward to being my usual ENERGETIC self. Soon. But I can’t push it yet.

2 thoughts on “Feeling good!

  1. Wow, I haven’t read your blogs for a couple weeks and it turns out you’ve been really sick. How awful! Glad you’re feeling better. I hate nausea and vertigo more than anything. Hope you’re all over it.

  2. Hi – I’m looking for someone to share their GOOD story of recovery from labrynthitis with a dear friend of mine. All she seems to find are message boards filled with currently ill people’s dreaded stories of suffering. It is helpful to hear about other people’s symptoms, but she really needs to hear from someone who has turned the corner!! I found your site, and hope you would be willing to share a little with me so I can help her get her spirit back 🙂 Thanks, K