Life is Short..Life is Long

My friend Kisa has this to say about living life to the fullest. I definitely give her credit for living by this credo.

But I’d also like to posit the idea that life is long. Yes, life is short, and grab the moments.

But life is also very long, so don’t forget the long things too. Long friendships, even long love relationships (marriage?). Living for a long time in one home, one that you spend a long time making into a beautiful for yourself to live in.

After a while, all the fleeting moments can add up to one long evening at home wishing for something else.

So yes, live like it’s your last moment, and cherish each moment you are given.
But many things that are worth doing take more than a moment to do. They take consistent effort. A “body of work” for an artist takes a lifetime to build up. It takes commitment and consistency to do a large project.

If you don’t embrace that life is long, you can overlook the big things that might be worth doing.