100 pages

So…I’ve been pulling back from writing so much on my blog because I’ve been trying to work on a larger project. I want to write a whole book. I know what I want it to be about, too. It will be the story of how I went to Russia with my family in 92-93 to be a missionary school-teacher.

I personally think it’s a great story, one that a lot of people will be interested in. But I’ve never written anything so ambitious. Or so LONG.

I had been figuring that it would need to be 650 pages. That’s 650 courier font, double spaced pages.

But I just finished reading a book that’s 361 pages. That’s printed in the book.

I wondered how that would translate into my format. So I averaged out the number of words on the page. About 481.

That means the entire book had 173.641 words in it. Approximately.

I figured I had 216 words to a page. That means, if I had 650 pages, I would have 140,400 words.

That’s a bit shy.

I would have to write 800 pages to get close to the length of the book I just read.

That’s very daunting.

It makes the fact that I will hit 100 pages today a somewhat hollow celebration.


only 700 pages to go….