Oh Canada!

I’m on vacation, which is lovely. A whole week, 5 working days, our of my usual schedule to get away and see new things.

I love seeing new things. It’s easier to see new things when you are far away from home. And I like to see new and DIFFERENT things, things that make me think different thoughts. It is not so different to see a new McDonald’s, for example. It may be new, but it’s not that different from the usual McDonald’s near my home.

I like to visit other countries, because they give opportunity to see different things. Chris has an incomprehensible attachment to America. Maybe it’s because he never wants to be too far away from a Coke supply.

HIS preferred vacation is to see Nature, some kind of natural phenomena or vista-that makes him happy.

Nature is okay, but I like to have a lot of people around me.

This trip was about seeing a North American rain forest. The only one is found near Seattle. Rain forests are cool, I was excited to see it, but it sounded like an excessive amount of Nature to me. Seattle is near Canada, so I compromised, and said it would be a successful vacation if I got to see a foreign country, and Canada would do in a pinch.

Also, my Aunt Lola lives in Canada, on Vancouver Island. We could go see her!

After a little more thought, I decided we should see more of Canada, and bop over to Vancouver.

Vancouver is where I am right now. It’s a beautiful city!

The rain forest was amazing, Vancouver Island and Victoria was pretty nice.

We giggled a lot about Victoria. “I wonder if they will advertise places as being ‘Victoria’s best kept Secret’?”

I was totally reduced when I saw an advertisement with a lovely woman in a bubble bath drinking champagne. It was for a motel: “Making Victoria Affordable”

But double entendres aside, the ferry was fun, and my Aunt Lola was so nice and hospitable. I was so glad I went, even though it was out of my way. We talked about family things, and she gave me a lot to think about.

And then Vancouver.

There is a Sun Run today in Vancouver. 50K people running 10K. Fifty thousand people is a lot. They will definitely clog up the streets.

But it’s a beautiful day for the run. Man! Sun is shining, but it’s a little brisk out there.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do today, I fell asleep before Chris figured out how to avoid the crowds. He hates crowds.

Funny. I love crowds, but I grew up with none. He grew up with all kinds of people, and can’t stand congestion.

You just never know.

I’ve already started to be sad, because tomorrow the vacation ends. I’m always sad when a vacation ends.

But I miss my cat, and I am full of plans for things to do when I get back.

The days are longer. We will have so much we can do with the daylight.