April is here

April has arrived.

Yesterday was april fool’s day. I wish I knew something about how April Fool’s day became foolish. But I don’t.

I am pushing onto my 12th day straight of working. All 12 days were GRUELING. ALL of them.

The first 5 days of the 12 were spend at home in Los Angeles. But man oh man. Hard hard days of work. On wednesday (or was it thursday?) I had so many fires to put out that I spent 12 hours rushing from one thing to the next. On the way home, my skull felt like I had a drill going through it directly above my right eye.

I was thinking of the movie “pi” as I drove home…It is not unusual for that side of my head to ache. I call it my brain tumor. But the reality is, I cracked open my skull in a car accident when I was a kid. That part of my head is the seam it healed on. And it aches sometimes.

But this was substantially worse than ever before. I wondered why it was so bad? Maybe I was hungry…When did I last eat, anyway?

I’d grabbed leftover catering in different rooms…A bagel here, a danish there. But I hadn’t stopped to eat any real food all day!

No wonder.

But then on Saturday, at 4:30 a.m. my alarm went off so that I could drive myself to LAX. Had to get to New York City.

Had a whole mess of work and a whole mine field of political pitfalls to avoid. People to please and appease.

Managed that, only set a few mines off. Well, I guess I’m entitled to one or two mistakes. As long as their are far enough between.

Then I went to the next stop, Washington D.C. This is the original war zone. Mine field, nothing. Dodge the live fire. “Friendly” fire.

But as my brother says, I’m nuetral like Switzerland. Smile and commit to nothing, that’s all I say.

But in addition to dodging political entaglements, I had to actually get some work done. Yes. I stayed here till nine p.m. last night. Still wasnt’ done.

I was staying 4 blocks away, and was looking forward to the walk. But no.

“I’ll call a car, ” the receptionist said. “It’s standard procedure. If you are from out of town, you don’t know what streets to cross to the other side.”

Imagine. Danger and harm does not cross the street. Amazing. Safe on the proper side, but you don’t know which side.

Danger lurks everywhere, but it won’t get you unless you walk within easy reach.

Maybe those who wish you harm are lazy.

So…last night I ate frog legs for dinner, which was marvelous. And I fell asleep at 11. Woke up this morning at 4:30

Worried about the last day in dangerous territory. Because this is that last last day. Today, I return to the my home, my cat, and the one person who makes sure I sleep very very well.

I have only a few more hours.

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