last resorts

Sometimes the last thing you would ever do turns out to be exactly the right thing.

I went to HR today to talk about my issues with being used for target practice.

I’ve always been afraid of HR. I’ve always been afraid of asking for help. Any help is always with strings attached; that’s how I feel. And I never know when those strings will be pulled.

But I had nothing left to lose. I was a walking wound, and I just couldn’t deal anymore.

So I figured I’d go.

It worked out all right. I feel much better about the situation. They didn’t make me confront my oppressors, they mostly just talked to me and gave me some advice about how to proceed.

It’s good just to be heard, sometimes.

I have a feeling this happens a lot at this firm. Peopple have to come and cry in HR to get over the mean people who run the company.

Well, it makes it much easier for me to go on the vacation I am leaving on tomorrow. I’ll be able to go ahead without the lingering demons of work.


So, because I’m bringing my computer on this vacation, i will probably be able to give some posts about my trip.

Stay tuned.

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