The ‘B’ word

I had to go an another flight this week. As I was getting my laptop out and putting it in the gray tub, the guy in front of me was taking off his tennis shoes.

He had two cute little boys, maybe three years old, with him. The TSA said, “Take off all shoes”. He was a dad, alone, which probably had him panicking in the first place. Small children with no female present makes many men nervous. His face was very red.

So he had to take off the little ones shoes. He wasn’t happy about this. He said, sarcastically, “Yeah, because there might be a BOMB in them.”

The TSA guy who had mechanically told him “Take off all your shoes” became excited. “Did you hear what he SAID?” he gestured to the supervisor.

The supervisor took him out. He got extra searched.

Don’t say the ‘B’ word at the aiport. Not even kidding.