Metro – Para Coquetar

That’s what posted in the bus. It’s an ad for the bus itself. I don’t read Spanish, but I am pretty sure it means “The Metro Bus-For Flirting”

Must be in the air. Either that, or I’m pheremonal. Today, as I got off the bus, a young man jumped off with me and came up behind me. He asked me what my name was. He had a thick accent. I thought he said he was Roumanian. Turned out he was Armenian, and I mean REALLY Armenian. He had just gotten here in American from Armenia.

Through the course of our conversation, I discovered this. And I discovered his name was Artur, that he’s studied Russian language and Biology. He hoped to become a doctor, but was working as a jeweler in his family business until he could get his working papers.

That was all just an aside. What he really wanted to tell me, as we Manhattan-style powerwalked to my workplace, was that he was in love with me. He was quite persistent, and quite distressed that I did not return his love.

He asked how old I was. “31,” I said.

“No, 31. How old are you?”
“I am 30.”

Yeah right.

So, a long conversation discussing love, and college and the status of my availability was carried on at high speed, in three languages I think. I understood some of his Russian. He understood some of my Russian, and both of us didn’t understand a lot of each other’s english.

I suspect he was throwing in some Armenian here and there.

He begged me to admit that I found him attractive…And that he was in love with me.

I told him there were many beautiful women in Los Angeles, and that if he fell in love so quickly, it would be quite easy to fall in love the next time. He followed me for about three blocks.

I had to accept his phone number before he would leave me.

“Tbi pozvonish? pozvonish menya?” [you’ll call? you’ll call me?]

“Povidyemsya.” [we’ll see]

“Abyezyatilno!” [you must!]

“Chastliva!” [Cheers!]

and I walked off. Must be something in the air. Last friday, when I was waiting at the bus stop, some guy in a toyota truck kept circling and waving and honking at me.

It makes me laugh. But maybe I should shop for some pepper spray.

Pepper Spray – Para Coquetar