The Debates

There is a lot of noise around here, Hollywood and LA, about how much a lot of people hate Bush.

The whole Michael Moore thing got everyone talking. Farenheit 911, and all that.

Now, the last Presidential election captured everyone’s interest only AFTER the votes were cast. This presidential election seems to have a little more interest for the public.

Now, I may be wrong, it may be that I am only just now hanging out with people who care about politics. But I am seeing a lot of people, including myself, who are interested in the debate.

Kinda cool.

I watched it, and then I watched it again when it went on the second time.

It was very interesting to see the facial expression and the tones of voices between the two men.

My prediction still stands. I think Bush will win.

This does not mean that I will vote for him, but I have a feeling he will win by a little bit.

I will have to watch the next one. I’m glad that people are interested.