Happy Holiday!

This is the day!
THIS is the day!

This is the day that the sun dips lowest, and after this it will start to increase in strength.

The winter solstice is upon us, the shortest day of the year. People say it is the beginning of winter. No, it’s the last day of winter. After this, the sun gets stronger, little by little, every day!

The actual day of the solstice has changed a little. It’s drifted, because our man-made calendars are not perfect.

The solstice, long ago, used to be on December 25th.

This, my friends, is the true holiday. This is the day that no one can deny is special.

I checked the almanac. The sun, in my time zone, rose at 6:55.

I made sure to take the time to be near a window, to watch the sunrise. But you know, the almanac has this to say:

“Sunset occurs when the upper edge of the Sun — called the upper limb — sinks just under the horizon; sunrise occurs when the upper limb rises just above the horizon.”

And the 6:55 sunrise time is for sea level. What if my horizon is the level of a bunch of 50-foot tall skyscrapers getting in my way?

Sunrise was view from around the skyscrapers.

I still toasted it. With my coffee.

Celebrate with creation today!