Traveling perspectives

When we were in Belgium, President Bush came through. This was covered on the news there.

I know it must have been covered on the news here, too. Knowing what I know about the people and news coverage here, I can assume that the tone towards the president was rather negative.

But there, no one seemed to care that much. As much as we’d seen footage of people protesting the president.

But we didn’t see that there. No one really cared. The news, and there were about 2 channels of news in English from Britain, didn’t have anything particularly to say about it. They projected what sort of things might be said, but the tone was not particularly negative.

The news was actually more concerned about a recall of food that had a possibly cancerous dye.

There were a lot of things in the news that were very different than what we get here. This makes me trust the news even less.

The thing is, it takes a lot of work to keep up with current events. You have to read several newspapers every day.

But for the news you read to make sense, you have to have a body of previously acquired knowledge to rely upon to interpret what is beign said.

And NOW, it seems that the news we read is unreliable, anyway. That we have an america-centric media is no surprise. But even that media seems to be letting us down.

Dan Rather has retired in a scandal. His motto: False but accurate.

Sure, he can determine that his opinion is accurate based on hunches and invented proof?

I don’t appreciate that the people in charge of portraying facts have already interpreted them before they get to me.

And the other latest scandal…Eason Jordan resigned from beign the CEO of CNN. He went to the EU and made allegations about the military killing the embedded journalists while at war in the middle east.

WHAT?! Actually, we don’t know what exactly he said, because the transcript has been supressed.

What we do know is that Eason Jordan has resigned, without addressing the allegation. Also, there has been barely a peep about why he has resigned.


As I walk around my town, hearing political talk, I hear about how we can’t trust the government.


I hear things like this as a matter of course, and they are met with cheers and applause.

But I am much more concerned about the media that seems to be ‘deciding’ what we need to know.

We can change what is shown on the networks; we get to take our viewing attention away from different channels. What can we do to protest the mockery of news that is being shown?

I am disturbed by the attitude of “we know best” coming from the news media. I would rather they report the news without these hideos slants.

It’s very discouraging. Frankly, it makes me want to avoid the news altogether.