Devin Brown- may God have mercy

This Sunday, in Los Angeles, 13-year-old Devin Brown was killed by 10 police bullets.

“Police said Devin ran a red light then failed to stop when police tried to pull him over for allegedly weaving between lanes in a Toyota Camry they later found was reported stolen. After a brief chase, the car ran up on a curb and stopped. Officer Steve Garcia, a nine-year LAPD veteran, got out of his cruiser, then fired 10 shots into the Camry when it backed toward his vehicle, officials said. It is unclear where Garcia was standing when he fired the shots.”

I heard an interview with a representative of the police department. He admitted that at the time of the shooting, the car was not reported as stolen. So the police officer shooting did not know that it was stolen. All that officer knew was that the car was backing towards him. And he shot to kill. Shot 10 times to kill.

This saddens me deeply.

When I first heard african americans making noise about America being a “terrorist state” for blacks, I thought they were being over-dramatic. But I stopped to listen.

The more I see and learn, the more I believe they are right. What’s going on around here is wrong, it’s evil, it’s nearly unbelievable.

We are not supposed to be like that. American values are directly the opposite of these kinds of actions.

And yet, this particular incident, which seems to call for city-wide mourning, is not even on the front page. It’s too common-place. Many people in the community are thinking, it happens too often to get upset about it.

I find it interesting that in this article, many people are asking, ‘Where was his mother? If he hadn’t have been out he wouldn’t have been shot.’

What? Are we supposed to assume that uniformed authorities have the right to shoot people for being outside after dark? That thought chills my blood. Fact is, we don’t have to assume anything. We have proof.

We have some cleaning up to do at home. Sure, there are troops in the Middle East. But charity begins at home, and we have to get our house in order.

2 thoughts on “Devin Brown- may God have mercy

  1. I’m not a cop. Don’t know Steve Garcia.
    But I’ll bet dollars to donuts he has a family, and loved ones, and he left the house that morning with their prayers for his safety.

    It’s a job. Remember that. It’s a job. But one at which he can killed or hurt–everyday.

    Devin should have stopped. Not after he ran it up the curb–but when the lights went on.

    Why was the car going backwards? You want to make that call–put yourself in Garcia’s shoes? Play God?

    We all know the rules. It’s tough out there for everybody– but we, as a society have to remember that these split second decisions are being made under tremendous pressure–and it’s not a video game–there is no reset button.

    And as far as shooting to kill– you’ve obviously never shot a gun. You shoot til it’s empty cause most times you aren’t going to hit anything.

    Cop is corrupt? Cop abuses someone in custody? Throw the book at him.

    Cop defends himself? We have to support that.

    Want to know what chills my blood? The thought of a widow and three kids at a funeral because a cop hesitated to defend himself or his partner–because of “concerns” like yours.

  2. Devin Brown’s mother is now suing the city of Los Angeles. Where is HER responsibility in this? Why was her 13-year-old son out “joyriding” at 4:00 AM? I agree, there are bad cops out there. But there are many, many more good cops. And they don’t get paid nearly enough for having to make a split-second decision — “Is my life in danger?”