Things I didn’t know about Yosemite

So I celebrated my parents 40th year anniversary last sunday at an open house. They were very happy to have all their friends and relative come around. It was the first time that Chris had met a lot of the cousins, and we had fun.

Since we were up north anyway, we had planned to take a trip up to Yosemite. It’s so nice to have time to enjoy life.

Now, Chris does not understand things like camping. He has a philosphy of life that includes private bathrooms and daily showers. So we got a motel inside the park.

It’s not such a bad thing, to have a hotel room inside the national park. One of the amenities is TV, which you’re not really supposed to have when roughing it. But they actually have two Yosemite channels.

Back in the 50s, they used to send down a shower of coals down along the waterfalls. Amazing! Everyone would stop and sing the Indian Love Call while they did it.

Apparently the workers at the restaurant and the camps were very social. A lot of people fell in love. I can believe it.

It’s a great place.