Kitty massage

Well, it’s been 3 month of living at home with Chris and the cat. We are rubbing elbows (and fur) more than usual, but I am finding that I like my family very much and it’s been wonderful.

One of the thing that Skellig does for me is give me what I call I kitty massage. He’ll sit on my tummy and push his declawed paws against my chest. Sometimes he will get into my face, too. He seemed to aim for my mouth, but maybe I am mistaken.

Cat are weird you know. My greatly increased presence has given the cat an excuse to be weird. And..Well…He has decided to take his piddle to various areas that are not piddle approved.

I HATE cat pee…It’s as bad as skunk for staying power. I got some books from the library about cat behavior.

Well, look out. According to many authors of cat books, Kitty is just the most amazing smart and incredible creature to ever hit the earth. And any human who does not understand this is obviously far below the intelligence of any common cat.

That would be ‘overboard.’ I think my cat is smart, I think he has feelings and all that jazz, but come one.

These authors have all sorts of recommendation. “My cat loves being massages. Sure, at first he was skittish, but now he comes up and begs for a full-body massage.”

Massage? I thought my cat massaged _me_, not the other way around. But I thought I might give it a try. I was always scratching Skellig’s head and neck anyway.

He has a pretty big knot on the side of his neck. Who would have thought? I guess sleeping with his head curled around really can give him a stiff neck.

He loved the massage, though. He gets all half-lidded and purry.

Learn somthing new every day.