_The Iliad_ translated by Martin Hammond

Okay, I’m packing and painting like a maniac. Boy…So I am packing some books right now, and I found my copy of the Iliad.

THIS is the BEST translation. Let me tell you. I bought this copy in the Royal Museum in London. What better place, I thought. What a good souvenir. The british have long been mad about translating greek classics.

So, I had this unread copy. I read a little bit, but I didn’t read too far until I had to take the classics class at my univerisity. The teacher had a copy of the Iliad at the bookstore. I thought I would use the one I already.

Then, at a study group where we were getting ready for the quiz, I read a piece from my book. The other students dropped their jaws and said, “Whoa! That’s not what my books says at all!”

THIER translations were totally opaque. THey all passed around my book and said I was lucky.

SO, if you want to read the Iliad like it was meant to be read, all exciting and interesting, get this translation. It’s really great.

And the Iliad is a good book to read.