not for the faint-hearted

Well, the light is peeking through every once in a while at the end of the tunnel.

I got new linoleum in the kitchen and bathrooms today. Sure looks different. The condo is slowly losing it’s 70’s funk.

I’m very very close to finishing now..Soon we’ll be able to show the place. I’m looking forward to setting everything up all pretty like a model house. It will be like I don’t even live here.

I already unpacked my dresser and put it all in a suitcase. I have to make the bedroom look large and spacious, so my dresser goes into storage. CHRIS’s dresser stays because HIS dresser came from his grandparents who probably bought it somewhere expensive in Wisconson. MY dresser came from a garage sale and cost 40 bucks.

but the bedroom looks pretty good now.

Now there is most just the little things. I am dearly hoping this whole thing will be over soon…Soon SOon SOON. please…

Not much longer, I know that.

When I go out to my balcony, I tell my plants that they will soon have full free dirt to spread their roots it. They seems to look forward to it too.