life is full of changes

So…We have a new plan.

Everyone knows that the real estate market in America has shot upwards, for all kinds of reasons.

And I seem to have lucked out on my purchase of a condo here in the middle of LA. It was something of a fixer upper to begin with, but even so I almost didn’t buy it.

See, Chris and I were getting more and more serious…And I just wasn’t sure. “Maybe I should wait until he and I have made some plans about our future together before I commit to a mortgage.”

I stewed about it for a while, eventually deciding that I might resent him for not making a move on a timeline that was entirely invented by me…Etc.

So I bought, and after a year he moved in with me. We are very happy.

And we are both very happy that I bought the place. Because now, it’s worth practically a gazillion dollars more than i paid for it. yay!

So…Chris and I have spent a lot of conversations talking about future plans. And we talked about a little house by the mountains.

He grew up by the mountains.

Me too, but different mountains. His mountains are about 50 miles away, and little houses there are rather reasonable.

When we were talking about getting a little house there, we thought I would have to become employed again. When thinking about what kind of job I would have to have, I got all worried about it.

So I called to find out. Turns out they’ll let anybody borrow money.

AND WE”RE OFF! We’ve run the numbers, we can afford it and everything looks good.

So I’m painting and packing a learning about how to sell a home. Chris is learning about buying a home. It’s all very exciting.

And very familiar. The moving, I mean. I hadn’t realized I’d been here a full two years. Well, two years come August.

Moving is the constant in my life, it seems.

“Chris? How many places have you lived since you became an adult?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“I’ve lived a lot of places. If you don’t count after I moved back home, because that made me not an adult again…Wait! That wasn’t my choice, so dammit, I’ll count it.”

“Sure, that counts”

“Let’s see…”

There was the commune that first summer.
Then back home for the fall
then the Mirnyy one-room flat
then the two room flat
Then Yakutsk, with the other teachers,
then with Lena on the outside of town.
then back to anchorage with my brother
then in Muldoon with crazy roomate Cheryl
Then the next roommate near midtown
then the first place with Jack, for a month
Then the second place with Jack…23rd street?
Then on Spenard
Then to Cupertino to stay with Bryan again
Then we found the place in Sunnyvale (a residence i remained in for tge longest period of my to-date adult life..a very nice place)

then the other place in sunnyvale..Where my brother Chris and Suzanne tag-teamed as roomates…and from which I finally gave up on Jack

then I stayed with my brother Bryan until I got the hot-box in Mountain View

THen I found the place on Taylor in Sunnyvale…where I lived happily as a highly paid consultant and then a college student and then GRADUATE!

And then I moved to LA, to Los feliz. That place was nice. Lived there a whole year

Then I bought this place.

And this summer I will move under the mountains.

Okay, here’s the count:

14 years of adult life
20 residences

That’s a lot of boxes.

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