scraping the bottom

Let’s just say, I don’t want to pursue a career in home painting


I have NEVER been so consistently tired. It’s been several..How many? I don’t remember…weeks that I’ve been working on making my condo beautiful.

I’ve never had a baby, but I suspect that just after having a baby feels a lot like how I feel now…

I usually am a morning person. I usually wake up with all kinds of plans about what I will get done on that very day. Not right now. I have plans, but they are not cheerful.

It is better now that Chris is back from New York…His trip was very successful, which I am glad about. And even though he is neck deep in his preparations for his trip to Germany next monday, it is still great just to have him around.

I know that this is a good thing to do, that it will pay off, but BANG it’s tough.

Therefore, I apologize for the lack of content on my website.

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