All over but the shouting

So all the papers are signed and the movers are scheduled. We are now just waiting for the keys exchange.

Chris and I will be moving into the house next week and officially, I will be a Claremont resident. Gulp.

We alternate between telling each other that things are mostly packed to saying that there is way too much left to pack. We are certainly chest deep in boxes. But then again, we keep tripping over all the loose stuff that is not packed yet.

Soon. Soon.

I’ve been at my new job for two weeks yet. It seems to be a good one. There is enough to keep me busy, but also the people are supportive and pretty nice. What more coudl I ask for?

I am wanting to get back into writing my book, which is gathering a layer of dust.

But there has been a lot of change going on. I know I will get back to the book, and I should be able to finish it next year. But there is a little bit of chaos in my life, so the muse if hiding.

It will come back.