the closer

During the TV summer dry spell, TNT has come up with “The Closer” to catch out interest. Kyra Sedgewick plays this Deputy Chief of police in Los Angeles who solves crimes.

Love the cops shows. And I love “The Closer.” First of all, the show is about the deputy chief, rather than the beat cops. It’s a new take on police work. But in addition to the “dead bodies” we all love, the cool crimes and detective work, the Closer is character-driven.

We now pause this blogpost to give this emergency message:
WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE ARE HAVING A TOUGH TIME. Have you even noticed how ignored we chicks are? I know how rough it’s been for me. And when I noticed a few weeks ago that even has taken down their ‘careers’ section, I felt so discouraged.

But as for “the Closer”…
This woman, a little southern-drawling slip of a thing, has to come in and command the respect of the hardened crew she’s been given. Brenda, played by Sedgewick, was brought over by a former boss and lover to come work in L.A., leaving behind a murky scandal in her previous job. She is in a career that is so harsh, but she is totally feminine. I love her!

She is on top of her game, totally a woman with foibles and weaknesses and awkward moments, but she rocks. I love love this show.

I had the opportunity to actually shake hands with Kyra Sedgewick when I saw her at a local watering hole. I told her I loved her show and that she was living my life exactly as Brenda. She was very gracious and thanked me for watching.

You all should watch it to; you won’t regret it.