By sunday afternoon, I had finally located the source of the foul smell in the refrigerator. It had been eluding us for days.

I didn’t know bacon could smell like that.

Anyway, I enjoyed my time with the parents. They stayed for the weekend to check out the new house. We were going to go to the county fair, but then again, we didn’t.

I was exhausted. The week included a marathon inventory trip for work, and I just had no energy. Mom didn’t either, since she had been working like a demon on her student-teacher meetings for next week.

That was fine. I made them good dinner, and Chris was an excellent host.

It was nice to be a hostess for the first time, in my new house. It is feeling like a home, really, finally


You know, I have had quite a year. SO MUCH has changed. I quit one job, nealry completed writing a book, remodeled my condo, bought a new home, and got a new and better job.

All in the space of six months.

I am in the throes of moving. And I am trying hard to understand the nature of my new job, which is not readily apparent.

And I am frustrated at how slowly the writing of my book and the settling into the new house is going.


I am coming to terms with my own limitations. I think that is something I took away from my last [hideous] job.

It turns out I cannot do everything. At the very least, I cannot do everything AT ONCE.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

I hope I am learning to have a little patience with myself. Some things just take time. There is no way around it.

Chateau Joie

I am loving my little house. I love that I have a dining room table, with a window in front of it.

I love that Chris and I often sit down to eat at that dining room table.

I love the living room and my new couch.

I love my bedroom, with TWO windows.

There are a lot of windows in this house.

I love that i have a patio and a tree that I can go sit on and under and enjoy the sound of crickets

Crickets are really loud here.

I love that I have hedges to trim and things to organize.

I have started doing a lot of cooking. Meatloaf, Marinated chicken, interesting salads.

No soup yet. It’s been a little hot.

But I bought an ice cream maker. I want to make my own ice cream, instead of buying it. I eat the stuff nearly every day, so…You know. I would like to:
1. not spend so much on it
2. have some control over what ingredients are in it.

I will let you all know about my discoveries of ice cream making.

I just love my new house.


I’ve had so many things to think about with this tragedy of the hurricane Katrina. It has left me speechless.

I had so much to think about, that I couldn’t quite untangle it to blog.

I’m going to try to get out of that.

I like to write, and I want to keep at it.

So, sorry for the silence.