At last

So, this weekend, I have some serious plans.

I am going to catch up on my nothing. I am frighteningly behind on doing nothing.

It’s been exciting, I can tell you. Selling, moving, new job, new city, everything. Yikes.

Every time I turn around or turn in bed, there is a new thing that needs to be done.

Chris was become a very intereste home owner, full of projects. Organize this, repair that. It’s wonderful, really. Right now, he is waging war on the ants. It’s a dead heat; they have numbers on their side, but he has an innate skill at strategy.

But I am not going to do anything this weekend. I am very behind on my nothing.

Work has settled into a new groove. JEEZ, I was waiting for to find the groove. So, I can finally concentrate on relaxing.

It’s going to be great.

One thought on “At last

  1. Hi,
    I was catching up, and saw about Chris’s war with the ants. Thought I’d mention that I bought one of those electronic pest control things that you plug into an outlet and that emits sound people can’t hear–and it worked! After a couple days the ants left my kitchen. It’s totally non-toxic, so Christ might give it a try.