My Brother!

I was listening to this history lesson in my car, and the professor was talking about Socrates.

He was going on and on, relating how Socrates would ask people questions, and lead them on with more questions.

I recognized this.

I have found a SOULmate, a brother, in Socrates. It is so clear to me! I do exactly the same thing. And I also piss people off with my incessant questions.

I have gotten in big trouble for asking questions. I have what appears to be a very unusual outlook on life.

Socrates got in trouble for his questions. But, as I have recently come to conclude, over that last few years, he and I agree that it is dangerous and foolish to consider yourself wise…Meaning, don’t think you know all the answers. There are always more ways to look at a thing, another question to ask. So, no, you don’t know the answers.

I feel so great to realize that Socrates had the same question disease–condition–that I have.

I may have to spend a little time getting to know this guy.

One sad thing, he ended up being sacrificed, being sentenced to death because of his questions.

hopefully I’ll avoid that fate.

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