I broke the Christmas tree

I didn’t mean to.

Last weekend, we decorated it all pretty. We had lights from a previous year, Red and White like a peppermint.

Chris and I wrapped the lights around the tree, and then hung up decorations his Grandmother had given us. We put up red and green balls around it too.

On the top, I hung my traditional icon of Saint Nicholas. He looks very nice up there. THe tree was beautiful.

On Monday, Chris told me that he wanted to have his mother over for a special birthday dinner on friday. I thought that was a marvelous idea, and started to clean things up to be ready for the event.

I got out the vaccum, and I plugged it in to the outlet on the top of the string of lights. It was most convenient for my cord. I vaccuumed everywhere, and the floor looked nice.

But the lights stopped working. It turns out that the electricity drawn by the vaccuum fried the fragile christmas lights.

We had to buy more.

We looked everywhere, but the red and white christmas lights are not available. There are blue and white. There are green and red. But no red and white.

We went with green and red.

“Chris,” I said. “Most people only get to decorate their christmas tree once a year.”

“Are you saying we are getting to decorate it twice?” He smiled at me. “Sit down, I’ll hang the ornaments.”

I watched him put all the ornaments back on the tree. It looks nice, but I am sorry I broke the tree.