Adventures in blood sugar

I got a glucometer. I wanted to try to test my cat’s blood sugar.

My poor cat. He loves me, he trusts me. He doesn’t understand what I’m doing to him.

I have read up on what this is supposed to be like. I am supposed to read the instructions on how to set up the glucometer.

I did that.

I am supposed to load up the microlance. It had a one button spring that

I did that.

I even called the 800 number and spoke to Hattie about it. She affirmed that I had done everything correctly.

But after wrestling with my cat, and using the button that shoots out a stabbing needle, I could not get any blood out of his foot pad.

I had to resort to the ear. But the microlance didn’t seem to be jumping out far enough. I set it to jab further.

That made the cat jump. And made the lance give this huge scratch on his poor kitty ear.


I could not get enough blood to do the test.

after all this, the time for the cat’s injection had arrived.

He was not interested in seeing me for a while. After peering suspiciously around the corner at me, he relented and came up for his treats and injection.

He took one treat and then wiggled away. He stood at the other end of the room and glared at me. He was saying with all his kitty body:

I Object.

At last he returned, with great dignity and was injected.

This home blood testing is not going to work out.

And he really hates the vet.