_Once Upon a Mattress_

It’s a musical that started out Off-Broadway, then moved onto Broadway, and now has been on TV and will very soon be for sale on a DVD near you.

I saw it this weekend on the “Wonderful World of Disney”. Carol Burnett, who starred as the princess in the orignal off broadway performance, got to be the evil mother in the TV version.

It’s a fairy tale story, the one about the Princess and the Pea. Tracy Ullman was the princess and the Pea played itself.

I really liked this production. It has music, it has dancing. It has Carol Burnett and Tracy Ullman! I mean, really!

It’s a great DVD to get if you have kids. It’s the kind of story that works great for kids and has enough intelligence to play well for the adults who have to watch along.

I don’t know if I’d buy the DVD, but then again I don’t have kids. If I did, I would get it for sure.

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